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Customer Experience is not rocket science

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

I recently hosted a talk at Digital Leaders Week Conference: CX & UX are not rocket science.

Without CX greatness, innovation, disruption & digital transformation are rendered meaningless. All organisations talk about CX, they claim customer obsession, UX, ease of use, and all other expected and desired traits they think will give them the image of CX leadership.

In reality most are not set up for success. They do not have straight forward frameworks to help them establish the corporate culture, leadership focus, design thinking, customer journey understanding, consumer and user psyche insights.

But it's not rocket science and in this talk we will introduce them.

Key takeaways: CX/UX frameworks to deliver transformation at speed:

1. Leadership focus and relentless demand for CX greatness.

2. A corporate culture of providing great CX to internal employees so they better understand the joy of great CX and impact on customer behaviour.

3. Bringing real world customers closer to product managers, CX designers, and engineers



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