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We're obsessed with your customers.

We believe it is the most effective way to gain competitive advantage.

Customer Consultancy Services

What's your goal?



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Increase Customer Retention


Gain Market





We show you how to prioritise your focus on the elements that will give you the greatest return on your investment while driving customer loyalty.


With a portfolio of tools and methods, developed over 17 years of experience, you can be confident that we will apply the right combination of these to ensure you achieve your ambition.

Our Process

Understanding your customer & market 

Where we will bring together research and challenge assumptions. In this phase we use insights (market, business & consumer) to help you understand who your key customers are, what they need and expect, how you can deliver against their expectations, and your position in the market.

Services include:

• Discovery workshops

• Stakeholder workshops

• Research & insight

• Value analysis

• Market reports

• Audits

• Segmentation & persona development

• Employee audit

Phase 1

Phase 2

Addressing the experience gap & determining priorities

In this phase we map out your customer’s pain points to close the gaps between expectations and the current experience. This will provide us with the sweet spots to focus your efforts for optimal results. Ensuring we integrate customer measures into your business KPI’s.

Services include:

• Journey mapping 
• Priority backlog
• Proposition
• Customer promise 
• Outcomes development
• Experience design
• Process & service redesign
• Measurement framework

Phase 3

Transforming your business to be customer committed

Working through your priority backlog to create disruption in your marketplace, putting customers at the heart of your organisation and driving valuable results back to the business.

Services include:

• Internal culture change
• Employee development & training
• Leadership personal branding
• Channel strategies 
• Marketing briefs
• Campaign development
• Campaign management

Let’s get obsessed about your customers. 

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Our flexible ways of working.

We pride ourselves on being flexible and tailoring our services to your needs. 

If you already have a strong internal team & agencies and need us to help you create success, we can act as a consultancy supporting you and guiding your team. 

If your running short on resources or do not have enough time to manage the process, not to worry we can take care of the rest. We have subject matter expert partners for all your marketing needs and can create the right team for you at every stage. 

Whatever way you prefer to work, we design ourselves around you.

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Book a 30 - 60 minute free consultation

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