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In-house Customer Experience Zoom  Workshops 

I have developed several interactive zoom based CX workshops. I want to test them out and make sure they are helpful to businesses that don't have CX expertise in-house. I want to ensure they are educational, enjoyable and action orientated for the participating teams. 

I am hoping to get them tested, receive feedback and potential reviews to be used on my website. 

In-house CX workshops

Prepare your employees to deliver an exceptional customer experience that lies at the core of your business strategy. We help you create a customer-centric model and enhance your customer experience by strengthening your employees’ skills using the best in class CX frameworks. 

The workshops are interactive and perfect for teams of all size. All staff are welcome, it is recommended to have representation from each of your departments. 

For the small print: I have 12 workshops to give away for free. To be as fair as possible I can only offer one workshop per company. So have a read of the different workshops and fill out the enquiry form for the workshop that you want to participate in the most. It will be based on a first come first serve bases. 

Developing your Customer Experience Vision

1 day workshop

A Customer Experience Vision provides a blueprint to align your employees' and company's goals with your larger customer experience strategy and to meet your customers' needs for service. 


The CX Vision workshop takes you through the process of developing your vision and embedding it into your business at rapid speed. The workshop brings together your leadership team to interrogate your existing customer experience and culture and then develop the action plan in pursuing organisational change for the way your business provides services to its customers.


  • Learn what a 'Customer Experience Vision' is for and why they are so powerful.

  • Produce your businesses Customer Experience Vision. Connecting it with your corporate vision and values.

  • Develop an action plan to embed your new vision into your company culture.

  • Explore ways to strategically align every facet of your organisation with outstanding customer experience & service.

Employee Experience - Aligning your organisation

Half day workshop

Do your people know how to deliver an experience to your customers?


We will develop an internal plan and approach to help your employees to be empowered, motivated and know what to do differently and have the skills to do it. 


The objective of the workshop is to ensure you have the internal capabilities to sustain the transformation effort over time.


  • Alignment - we create a framework so that other initiatives are implemented holistically 

  • Work stream support - how you can implement the design through your internal functions 

  • Customer Experience training blueprint - develop an action plan for developing and training the wider team

CX Strategy & Implementation Overview 

1 day workshop

Immersion into the latest thinking around customer experience and the simple proven steps to implementing it successfully.

Your company are thinking about embarking on a customer experience programme but not sure where to start. What are the pitfalls to watch out for.


  • Determining the best Customer Experience Marketing for your organisation 

  • Identifying the values that drive customer loyalty for your business 

  • Identifying the enablers and barriers to delivering great experiences

  • Developing an implementation plan to align your product and processes - and how to get people 

Understanding your Persona's needs 

Half day workshop

Helps to give a clear understanding about the experience you need to deliver and your hallmark touchpoints for a specific persona.


A simple yet rigorous approach to defining the touch-points, understanding the experience you currently provide and then using your brand promise as a framework for designing the new experience. 


  • The desired emotion curve of the customer and how the experience needs to be delivered to achieve this 

  • The touchpoints you need to over index in order to dramatise your promise and create hallmarks for your brand/ business

  • People, process and product implication and a blueprint for action

Developing a Customer Journey

Half day workshop

Geared towards participants who want a step by step approach to Journey Mapping. It is designed for both B2B & B2C. Everyone will leave with actionable strategies to improve customer experience.


  • Learn how to develop a high level customer journey for one of your selected Personas.

  • How to determine the attributes customers most value.

  • How to understand the different touch-points in the customer journey.

  • Learning how to measure and manage customer loyalty and way to reduce defection

Social Media & CX Workshop

Half day workshop

This workshop gets right to the heart of how to use this constantly evolving marketing tool to make your customers part of your brand.


We will discuss some of the innovative social media practices that brands are using to get closer to customers, build relationships and foster brand community


  • Understand how best to use social media to engage customers

  • Learn how to communicate your brand purpose and create an excellent customer experience through this touchpoint

  • Understand how to measure and sustain the experience to generate a positive ROI

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