Winning through Customer Experience Planning

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

In these unprecedented times we have never had so much uncertainty. When will this end? What will be the long-term impact on the market?  What will the impact be on our categories? Will we get through this turbulent time? How do I demonstrate leadership in this moment, that doesn’t seem distasteful?

One clear certainty is that customers will expect more from businesses and we need to ensure we are ready to give them the partnership they are demanding. There is now even a greater need than ever to connect operations, sales & distribution, marketing, IT and customer services to break down the barriers and unite to focus on ensuring the business is ready and able to survive and thrive in this new world.

There is never one silver bullet but the best place to start is with Customer Experience Planning. Really putting your customers at the heart of your business decisions to reshape your products, services and offerings will provide you with a priority list and backlog of improvements. Cancel the brainstorming Zoom sessions and get mapping out your customers current experience and the desired experience.

I know it's not easy, delivering a customer centric experience requires integration of technology and data, with the goal of both enabling customers to move among devices or channels, and equipping the business with a single customer view and detailed profile of the customers (or potential customers) interactions.

However armed with these insights, you can be successful in identifying relevant products and services and then offering, selling and servicing them through the most effective channels.

Designing an overarching experience with detailed interactions across channels, as well as continuing to enhance individual channel capabilities, will assist you in making the right investments and delivering the omni-channel experience that customers have now come to expect.

You might be asking yourself that is all well and good but we are trying to just keep our heads above water. We are trying to just ride this out. Trying to keep the lights on. We need to focus on the top prioritise only. But what if you galvanised your teams to come together and focus on your biggest priority, your customers. You already have all the knowledge and information in your business to map out your customer experiences and get started.

If you need anymore reasons to convince you, I can tell you, you would be following some of the most relevant businesses who already have customer experience planning in their DNA including Google, Adobe, Apple, Amazon & Netflix.

So if not now then when?

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