A simple approach to starting transformation sprints

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Here is a simple guide to help develop a process to create a culture of continuously disruptive innovation. That is, to continually bring to market, new product and services, which may alter or disrupt your existing product, revenue and operational models.

This ability, to innovate at pace, is the key to lasting digital "transformation" and more widely, the survival of larger organisations, whose life expectancy is now 15 years (as measured by the life-span of businesses in the S&P500). 

The approach:


  • Task – Define a ‘value hypothesis’ (the reason we think the content will resonate)

  • Tool – Complete ‘Because > Who > What’

  • Team – Contribute to the backlog of ideas and ‘rinse’ value in workshops


  • Task – Define the minimum viable product (the smallest)

  • Tool – ‘Maximum’ product: unpacked to smallest unit until it breaks

  • Team – Experts from various departments work in the squad as you build


  • Task – Describe the OMTM (the One Metric That Matters)

  • Tool – Articulate success in a quantitative measure

  • Team – Squad defines and stakeholders verify

To establish a routine, you can start with month-long sessions whereby small squads work together on multiple experiments. Review results results in weekly release of MVPs (Minimum Viable Product). This allows you to stress-testing assumptions in existing briefs and explore outside of your comfort zone.

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